Saturday, July 24, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

Camp Disney

While visiting "Camp Disney" O was interviewed by a street musician. When asked where she lived she said "in a house". He responded with, "No way, me too. I'm surprised we haven't seen each other". When asked if she had pets she said she had a cat. I said "well, that's good to know, I didn't know we had one." After talking to her, he played a song just for her. Here she is dancing to her song.

O dancing in the parade

One of the best things about going to Disneyworld during the off season is you get to participate in EVERYTHING. O was chosen for literally EVERY audience participation show we attended. She even got brave and danced during the parade.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Just a taste of what's to come

Ah yes, it's been ages since I visited this little corner of the internet. I decided a year of privacy was enough and I am ready to start sharing our lives again. I am in a new city with a new place and new friends. It's a new chapter and I feel it deserves a new post.

After 12 gazillion years of being apart, our family was reunited in February. We did what any disconnected family does to reconnect, we celebrated with a vacation. In March we went to Disneyworld. Not to see Mickey or Minnie but to see the princesses. O was in heaven when we had lunch with a group of them. She talked and talked to Cinderella and Ariel but snubbed Snow White. Hum, we'll have to work on those manners. She recited their stories and told them who was bad. At one point in she told Ariel "Ursula bad, she's a mean chick".

We had a memorable time and it was just what we needed to feel together again. Weeks prior to Disneyworld, O kept telling LT he couldn't go back to work and he reassured her we were going with him when he went to work again. It wasn't until one day in FL, during breakfast O got it. She said something like "you're not leaving". Ah, the magic of Disney.

Nana, this is for you.