Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas is coming

Are you ready?

Here is a little video from last year, 2009. Can you guess the song?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Ah, The Weepies

They are a deep breath.

They are the perfect moment. They are the beautiful yellow just before a warm summer sunset. I smile and feel a depth of satisfaction when I think of the Weepies. My sweet friend Ali Mae introduced me to them. She bought me "Say I am You" as a gift when I left SLC. That CD stayed in my car for 2 years. I listened to it over and over again as I drove to AZ to meet O. I listened to it again 2 years later, as I drove home from AZ with the expectation that her adoption would be final. I love the Weepies partly because of the sweet memories of Ali Mae and the faith she taught me and partly because of the caress of their songs.

I love "Painting by Chagall" because it makes me think of O. I call that "our song". When she was a newborn, I sang it to her when she ate, when she slept, when I held her. I was so thrilled to have her and she surrounded me.

"Sometimes rain that's needed falls
We float like two lovers in a painting by Chagall,
All around is sky and blue town
Holding these flowers for a wedding gown
we live so high above the ground
satellites surround us."

I did feel so high above the ground. She was the rain that was needed.

I had the chance to see them in November. There were no cameras allowed so I don't have any pictures to share. They were incredibly adorable. Steve Tannen had a way of telling stories that reminded me of my brother, it was very endearing. He was funny, I almost wet my pants a time or two. I now know the meaning behind the song "Riga Girls". It had NEVER made sense to me and I gave up trying to puzzle it out ages ago. The story is about spam. His spam filter kind of stopped working and he started getting some of those messages that don't really make sense and you wonder if the author knew how to speak english. Well, one day he got one that said "Riga girls go like this" and he said "Riga girls go like what?" He clicked on it and it was a porn link and his screen was instantly covered with porn pages. His mouse couldn't keep up so he got on the floor "desperately hoping no one was around to help" him find the outlet so he could unplug it. Right at that moment, Deb walked into the room. And, that is how "Riga Girls" came about. He is perpetually reminded of his moment of embarrassment and humiliation.

I would see them again without hesitation. They are a charming and entertaining couple. I left with a warm happy feeling that makes me smile even now as I think of it. To me, that is a sign of a good show.