Friday, October 5, 2012

Partial tour of our yard

My mum has been hounding me for pictures of our property and I finally got out of the house and took some. I love everything about our place and I couldn't be happier here. When we tell people we live on a wooded lot they usually don't really get it until they visit. It is shaded a good part of the day and I love that I feel like I'm on a hike when I go to get the mail.


Alright, here is our property from the street. It is kind of hard to find because our driveway sneaks up on you and it's hidden by all of the trees and vines.

Here we are looking at the top of our driveway.

Now we are heading down our driveway.

This is what I see when I look right. Our property extends quite a distance in that direction.

I'm continuing down our driveway and getting closer to our house.
 You can actually see it through the trees.

Ah ha! Here is our front lawn, and more driveway.

 I am still on the driveway looking right toward the house.

This view is from the very same spot as the previous picture and I am looking up our driveway towards the street.

Now I'm at the bottom of the driveway looking up toward the street.

I am in the same spot but turned toward the garage.

To the left of the garage is the goat pen.

I am looking at the end of our property which stops a few feet before the fence in the background. Here are our curious boys begging for my attention and food. The white ribbons are the electric fence that keeps most of them in. Rocky is so little he just come out when he feels like it. Fortunately goats are herd animals and Rocky won't stray too far from the others.

 I've stepped over the white ribbons. To the left of me is an area that used to look like the wooded picture from the driveway. We've done a lot of clearing out and the goats have been doing their job of eating the green stuff. 

This view is in the opposite direction of the last picture. You can see the bottom of the driveway and some of our sheds. You can even see the blue tarps at the goat pen.

Here is an area in the back of our property near the fence.

Monday, October 1, 2012

What O says

We were at a birthday party a little while ago and the hostess was asking the children if they wanted a vanilla or chocolate cupcake. When it was Os turn to answer, she said, "Both." One of the other moms told her, "You are a girl after my own heart", to which O responded, "Ya, most people like me because I'm funny and I have a good attitude."

This morning LT and I were talking before we got out of bed. O stumbled into our bedroom, flopped on the bed and asked in a chiding tone, "What was that talking I heard?" We told her it was us. She said, "It woke me up, I'm not happy about that." What a character.

O likes to tell people when they are being annoying. In primary yesterday one of her friends was being a little goofy and saying the same thing over and over again. O said to her, "Will you please stop that, it's annoying me." For some reason, I think it is funny that a little 6 year old tells others when they are annoying. She let's us know too when we are annoying her. "Mom, stop singing, it's annoying me."

Last week O had a rash and had to take a nasty tasting medicine to help fight it off. She was hilarious about it. She really is a total drama queen. She would put the cup to her lips, close her eyes, and then dramatically thrust the cup away and declare, "I can't. I just can't do it. Okay, okay, I'll be brave. I can do this" and then try again. "No, I can't." And then she would breathe hard as if she'd run a race. It was killing me. She did end up taking it, finally. We bribed her with a piece of chocolate.

We sold one of our goats last week so some guys who were going to eat it. They gave us some goat steaks to enjoy. When I picked O up from school on Tuesday I told her we were having stew for dinner. "What is in it" was her question. I told her some meat from the fridge. She asked, "Did it used to go mehhh?" (her goat sound.) When she tried it she said it wasn't bad. Unrelated, the goats name was Oreo, so we had Oreo for dinner. Sounds healthy, huh?

Our family spoke in church yesterday and we gave O the option to speak too. The plan was to have her state her name, age and grade and then recite the first two Articles of Faith. She was thrilled when we practiced in family home evening and then Saturday night she told us she didn't want to speak. Okay, we told her she didn't have to and we weren't going to make her. So, she went back and forth. "I'm going to speak, I'm not going to speak." Sunday morning she decided to do it. She was amazing. It is so much fun being her mom.