Friday, January 23, 2009

Purging, purging, purging

Does your mind ever get so full with random snippets of information that it's hard to think straight? Sometimes, well a lot of the time, my mind is so cloudy with pieces of thoughts the only way to clear my head is to write them down. Some of them make sense, and some of them are just nonsense. I read a friends blog a while ago where she posted some of her random thoughts. It made me laugh to read it and I felt a kindred spirit in her knowing she is, perhaps, as random as I am.  So, with that said, I am, somewhat timidly, sharing my random brain dump.

I think one night of no mommy duty a month is a REALLY good idea. 
I'm so glad LBC loves O and O loves her, otherwise getting my no duty night would be impossible.
I had the strangest conversation with a near total stranger at a Christmas dinner.
The conversation came as a bit of a revelation to me.
I don't consider myself a SciFi fan. 
I think I've only read one, maybe three SciFi books, and I only kind of liked them. 
A friend introduced me to Robert Jordan in 2000.
I became a fan of his series TWOT, but that's fantasy. 
I was heartbroken when he died before he wrote the final book.
I know my brother was into D&D when we were kids. 
I didn't think any of it rubbed off on me.  
I was surprised I could hold my own in a conversation about "Firefly".
Since then I've tried to decide if I'm embarrassed or okay with my limited SciFi knowledge.
LT introduced me to Battlestar Galactica after one of his deployments.
I'm repulsed and obsessed at the same time. 
I just spent a couple of hours catching up on the series.
Now I will know what is going on when I watch what I DVRd of the final episodes.
I love DVR. The next best thing is netflix.
A friend I've known for over a decade just finished walking across the USA.
I really want a sugar cookie.
I hate dusting.
I think pranking people is fun.
I've learned not everybody can be pranked.
I'm not so sure a road trip to CA this summer is a good idea with a toddler.
I'm excited to go to a concert in Feb.
I'm still trying to decide if I should drive to Austin tonight to see Brett Dennen.
If you know who Brett Dennen is, you're cool.
I haven't seen Eric Stoltz since, like, the 80's.
If you know who Eric Stolz is, then you probably remember the film "Some Kind of Wonderful".
I love being a massage therapist.
I don't mind peoples feet, as long as they are clean.
Leighton says my primary motivation in life is to search out and destroy sources of stinky stuff.
I just started using the Kinoki detox foot pads. 
They are stinky.
This morning, O watched me take it off and put it in the trash, she said "Ew, yucky yucky".
I'm hoping they will help get rid of my migraines.
I've been in the ER so often this year I feel like a regular.
I recognize some of the people there too.
The last time I went, instead of putting me where they usually do, I was led to a room that said "Isolation" on it.
I thought that was strange.
It was a room for victims of rape.
I watched American Idol.
One time at the ER, there was a bomb threat.
I never know who to call when my migraine gets bad enough to go to the ER.
I threw up on the way to the ER and the friend who took me has acted differently towards me ever since.
I still want that sugar cookie.
I'm really tempted to go buy a sugar cookie.
I need to decide what I'm making for dinner tomorrow.
I'm taking dinner to someone tomorrow.
If I go shopping for dinner stuff, I could buy a sugar cookie as a reward for doing service.
Saying goodbye to LT this time was much easier than 2 weeks ago.
He leaves for Djibouti on Monday.
I love my new concealer and foundation.
I wish I'd discovered them earlier.
"Make-up Therapy" and "Fashion Aptitude" are phrases I made up to make myself laugh.
I have a quick wit and sometimes I'm funny.
I think I get my wit from my mum.
She'll be happy I mentioned her in this post.
I still want that sugar cookie.
I'm almost done purging.
O slept through the night 2 nights in a row.
I'm hoping this is the beginning of the end of my sleep deprivation.
Sleep deprivation is a nasty thing.
Especially when it goes on for over 2 years.
I have a feeling if I make this post any longer, very few people will make it to the end.
I think I'll settle for an apple.
That sugar cookie is SO tempting me right now.
There was a REALLY big spider in my garage this summer.
ALL the bugs in TX are HUGE!!!
My neighbor still has meat hanging from their back porch.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I kid you not

The huge slab of meat is back on my neighbors porch.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hanging Meat Update

I am happy to report that the larger slab of meat is no longer hanging from my neighbors porch.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Well, that's just strange.

One thing I really like about TX is the barbeque. Seriously, the barbeque here is AWESOME!!! And there are so many places you can go to get great barbeque, like my neighbors house.
Yep, that's a barbeque bomb parked at my neighbors house. Every year my neighbor pulls this serious bad boy up to his curb and torments the rest of us with the tantalizing smell of brisket and ribs while he watches the season opener for the Longhorns.

"Not strange" you say. True, not strange. 

But, THIS....

This is strange.
Slabs of meat are hanging on my other neighbors porch. 
It's unconventional decor, true. I've only seen it used in haunted houses. I wonder if any dogs in the neighborhood are missing. Perhaps it's a new fad in exterior design. Should I replace the hanging plant on my porch with the nice cat that uses my garden as his bathroom?

Please tell me I'm not the only one who things this is just strange.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Pictures

For my birthday, Olivia peed on my pants.

"I know I parked my car around here somewhere"!

Here I am regretting my decision to leave my coat at the condo.

Birthday Lunch

Freezing cold family photo.
She is so stinkin' cute.
Brother and Sister
O checking out her new lion cub.
Post snow bliss.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Brand Spankin' New Year, n' such.

LT left for Norfolk, VA today. Olivia and I went to the airport with him. I've seen so many pictures of military daddys hugging their children goodbye it doesn't phase me anymore. However, I wasn't prepared for it to be my husband and my daughter in the photograph. LT, in full uniform, knelt down and gave O a hug. The lighting was such it glowed behind him. My heart ached. One year is a LONG time. He's been back and forth from the east coast since September so we've had many goodbyes and homecomings. Even though I will see him again in two weeks, when he left today everything felt differently. The house felt emptier, the weight felt heavier and I felt more inadequate to handle this than ever before. Sweet O has seen me cry multiple times in the past couple of days she now says, "Mommy crying". Yep, I am.

I will miss my friend.

However, life MUST GO ON!!!!!

So, without delay, O informed me, in her own way, she is ready for potty training. I'm guessing chasing after a bare bottomed two-year-old yelling at me "no diaper, no diaper" is a sign. I also think her pulling down her own pants and trying to rip off her diaper AND saying "potty, potty" is another sign. Needless to say, we made a trip to the store tonight for her "special underwear". Yep, we bought pull-ups. She was so excited to have them she became very possessive of them. Fortunately something else distracted her before there was a scene in the check out line.

In other unrelated news, the painting project I started some time in March or April was completed BEFORE the end of 2008. I'm so excited. The project started out like most of my well planned out projects do. In the summer of 2007 I picked out the colors I wanted, or thought I wanted and then waited 10 months for our income to catch up to my interior decor desires. During the wait, other friends of mine replaced and remodeled kitchens, painted a combined total of a bazillion rooms and one garage before I was able to start mine. The point of that last sentence was, I felt like I had to wait FOREVER. When the income FINALLY came, I purchased paint, painted a huge section of my kitchen and put a few patches of color in my living room. It turned out I HATED the colors. I am SO bad at picking colors. So bad, seriously.

Once I was in Home Depot with a friend who was helping me pick out colors for the living room in our old house. She is a VERY talented artistic person whose house ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, looks great. (I know this for sure because I actually lived with her and her family for 4 months.) Anyway, she was getting all excited and inspired and was shooting out ideas that ricocheted all over and made me dizzy. I swear the aisle of tiles we were in started to spin in circles that kept getting faster as she spoke. I panicked and tears were welling up threatening to spill out. I think she noticed this because she stopped. I really don't remember anything else after that. I do remember being ecstatic with how my living room looked after it was finished. But, I digress.

Back to my current house and most recent painting experience. The initial thrill, fire and gusto that comes with a new painting project was extinguished when I realized I HATED the colors I'd purchased. It took me a month to go back to the store with my paint and ask them to remix them to different colors. One gallon turned out perfectly, the other gallon... Well, let's just say if you're into neon pink, it would have been perfect. I wasn't so I purchased another gallon and tried again. This time around I was more pleased with my kitchen color and somewhat okay with the living room color. Anyway, to cut this story short, it took months, two sets of missionaries (try to figure that one out) and two days with LT to get it FINISHED. I'm so relieved. I'm still not crazy about the living room, but whatever. Oh, and here's a little advice to any of you would-be painters out there. Beware of RED. It takes 12 thousand coats to fill it in.

Thank you to those of you who endured this long ramble. I promise to post some "done" pictures soon but here is a pic that kind of shows the colors. The red on the front door is the same color as the kitchen and the yellow/brown is the color of the rest of our living room now.