Saturday, September 22, 2012

Drama Mama

This is too good not to share.

O is full of spit and vinegar and she is in fine form this morning. She'd been watching TV for awhile and LT told her it was time to turn it off and help him work outside. This is what I heard from the kitchen.

LT - "Okay O, it's time to turn off the TV and work outside with me."
O - "I don't want to work outside, I'm not a worker."
LT - "Well, it's my job to teach you to be a worker."
O - Very dramatically "You're trying to make me be a maid." Then she runs to her bedroom. LT had to come into the kitchen to gain is composure. We were both laughing about it. Once he was straight faced, he went to talk to her. She wouldn't talk to him. He came back into the kitchen with me. A few minutes later O was dragging her blue elephant stuffed with toys out of the sun room. LT went to talk to her as she was heading up the driveway to the street. She's mad because "My Little Pony" was about to start on TV and she really wanted to watch it.

She just came in the house and I asked what was going on and she said, "Nothing, I'm just relaxing on the porch."

Oh dear, she's only 6. I'm not looking forward to the drama that is to be had when she is a teenager.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

B.O.O.T. Camp 2012

Well, the theme for girls camp this year was, Building Our Own Testimonies. Joanna, the stake camp director, made sure there was pink on our shirts. She's a fun girly girl.

Anyway, the pictures I'm about to share are all borrowed. I left my camera in the glove box of my car all week. Oops. The stories are not borrowed, they really happened, and I'll try my best to write them down in a way you can understand them.

This year I was in charge of our ward and the 4th level campers. Camp started on Tuesday so we went up on Monday as a family. I wanted to have our gear set up so I could help the girls when they arrived. Also, I wanted O to see what girls camp was like and help her understand why I'd been so busy and why I'd be gone for the week. It was pretty cool.

O was funny about sleeping in the tent and in her bag. "I don't want to sleep in my pajamas, they're ugly. I don't want to sleep with a blanket, it's ugly". (That's her curse word). We warned her that it would get cold at night and we didn't want to have to get her dressed in the middle of the night. Anyway, in the middle of the night we hear a lot of tossing and turning and then, finally, "I'm cold". In my mind I thought, "well of course you are, you little stinker".  We warmed her up and all was well. The first thing she said, when the birds woke us up at 5:30 in the morning was, "let's do it again." Alright!

On the first day of camp LT and I were busy getting others settled and O "helped" out too. She spent a lot of time tagging along with one of her favoritest people in the whole entire world. K. (We are huge fans of K at our house.) Here is O with K in her tent.

This is simply one of the coolest pictures I've seen. Not only is the ariel chest bump amazing, but the shadow of a butterfly it makes is even more so.

The lady in the middle is the Stake YW Pres. She's got all of her troops in order.
Actually, for my Oakcrest buddies out there, she reminds be of Barb, in a lot of ways. 
That is likely why I chose to prank her the ways that I did.

Here is a more accurate depiction of what the presidency is like. It really captures their personalities. 

Here I am with M. We were asked to work together with the 4th year campers. She is a lot of fun and I got a real kick out of her sense of humor. I had her make the chore chart for our group and she didn't put me on it. Isn't that AWESOME?!?!!? 

Here is the group of girls and leaders I worked with for the week. We got up at 4:something obscene in the morning to go on a hike. This stake likes to make their 4 years get up for a sunrise hike. However, there wasn't anywhere to hike to with a summit, so we just noticed it gradually getting lighter.  We had a lot of fun on our hike. Well, at least I did. In fact, it was the best girls camp hike I have been on. No one complained and no one lagged behind. It was AWESOME!!

I photobombed the YCL picture. I hid by some of my girls ankles and when J, the photo dude, said "3", I jumped up and this is what we got. The leaders had NO IDEA what was going on.

I call this picture, "the scene" and I have E to thank for these. I don't know what overcame me on the tail end of our hike, but I was feeling mischievous and called camp and told them we needed help. Once I got off the phone, I realized we didn't have a good prank. CRAP!!! So, a few minutes later, I called back to let them know we were okay. WELL, I was told someone was already on their way.

 Side note: Christy is a nurse and once they got off the phone with me she went into action. She was in her search and rescue mode. Everything was removed from the bed of her truck her massive first aid kits were loaded and she had someone else drive so she could get out quickly once they found us. Of course, I didn't think about her being all nursey like that when I called. 

So, when I called to tell them "never mind" it was too late. CRAP!!! We needed to come up with a good joke and fast. E had a great idea of us all laying down and pretending we were dead. Sure, why not. So, we did. I'm the one in the red shorts in the picture below. Yes, we have a picture, because when you die in the woods, it needs to be documented, otherwise it didn't happen.

Christy arrived and to make a long story short, once she realized we were joking, she sought me out and took me down. I told her I was impressed with her quick response time. I did my best to defend myself, as you can see.

There is much, much more to the prank story, but it's the kind of story where you would have to know the people and had to have been there to really appreciate it. D teased me "When it was you on the phone, we knew it must have been real because you wouldn't do something like that. You've lost all credibility." When I told K our ward YW leader she laughed and said, "They don't know you at all."
I'm so glad it was well received over all. I did feel bad about crying wolf, but seriously, why would they believe ME??? Also, since we moved wards just before camp, I knew it would be my last year up there because my new ward already has a rockstar camp director so I didn't mind dishing out the pranks. Wrapped cars and bouncy balls in sleeping bags were my favorites. 

BUT, you need to hear the rest of the story. You need to hear about the SUMO fight. That evening at flag ceremony I called Christy out for her unnecessary roughness earlier in the day. I challenged her to a contest. (I had a bruise on my ankle but I'll get to that later.)

Susan, a neutral party, said a sumo match would settle it for once and for all. So, we saddled up in our bandanas and went for it.
Front view

Back view

The stare down.

The move

Susan called it a tie, I think. I couldn't really hear with the crowd cheering my name. ha ha ha.
Then again, I think Christy should have been disqualified for that horrible wedgy she's giving me here.

I mentioned I had a bruise on my ankle. When Christy attacked poor, innocent me I got hit by something. I don't know if my leg hit a sprinkler head or if Christy is made out of cement but I came away from our first encounter with a mother of a bruise on my ankle. I'd had something like it before. I was hit in the shin by a baseball and it was the same sensation so I knew it would bruise and then go away months later. So, I didn't ice it, thinking it was the same type of injury. Plus I couldn't be bothered with sitting still at camp. Sheesh. Well, later that night my ankle swelled and I mean, really swelled. I've been blessed with wonderful ankles. In all of my soccer, basketball and tennis playing, I think I've sprained my ankle once, they are really durable. So, when it swelled, I knew something was wrong. So, I had to swallow my pride and have the camp nurse, who also happens to be Christy, to take a look at it. I was teased and teased and teased, wrapped up and then told not to walk at all. So I was given a ride to my tent. Well, I hadn't brushed my teeth and I needed to go to the bathroom. Fortunately, KC was staying in my tent that night and she needed to go to the bathroom too. So, we drove there. Stake people were there and once again I was chided for walking and I promised I wouldn't walk anymore. I did point out I'd been driven. Well, that night, there was a really loud rainstorm. I mean, really loud. I was wearing earplugs and the thunder sounded like it was right over my tent. I tossed and turned but couldn't go back to sleep. I had to go to the bathroom, drat!! The thunder woke up KC and she wasn't able to get back to sleep either. Well, it was the thunder or her bladder, because she was like, a gazillion months pregnant. Anyway, her car was parked over by the bathroom and neither of us wanted to walk. So, jokingly, I said I should call Christy for a ride. We laughed and I thought, I SHOULD call Christy for a ride. So, I did. It was 5 something or just before 6 in the morning and I called her. She answered quickly. She was really cheery and was happy to pick me up. I'm not kidding, she really was. I still laugh when I think about it.

I can honestly say, this year was one of my better camp experiences. I feel so blessed to have been involved with girls camp everywhere I've lived. It is something I LOVE. And, I will end now, because this post is long enough, and I need to go to sleep.