Monday, July 14, 2014

I love sugar cookies.

I have a lot of stories to tell, but I haven't put them together in my head yet, so quotes and pictures will have to do for now. I plan to tell about the end of school with O, girl's camp, my Mum and more.

O Speaks
Me - "You are a kind friend."
O, dramatically, - "I was born to be kind, it's my life."

Me - "C'mon princess."
O - "I'm not a princess."
Me - "Yes you are, because I'm a queen."
O - "No you're not, you're just a regular old girl."

O was chasing a boy because he wouldn't give her space. Hum....
O - "I fell and hit my head and now I've lost my memory. I can't remember my birthday."

Me - "If we have 5 boys over, I wouldn't know what to do with them."
O - "I do, I'll show them my Spiderman stuff."
Me - smiles
O - "What? Boys like Spiderman."

O's friend - "Why are O's shoes here and she's not?"
LT - "She is invisible, but her shoes aren't."

My nephew was looking over my Mum's will with her.
R - "Auntie M is going to be your executioner?"

My Mum to her aide at the nursing home, - "Do you ever do any specials?"
R - "What do you mean?"
Mum - "Would you spend the night with a patient if she paid you?"
I know it was innocent but it sounded funny. 

LT - "Why are the lights on in the basement?"
Me - "Because I had to go down there today."
LT - "I can't go down there and turn them off."
Me - "Why not?"
LT - "Because I might not be able to make it back up."
His command did lower body group PT the day before and he was..... wounded.

My Dad had a mild stroke awhile ago and he doesn't have much feeling in his left arm. I was with him when he was struggling to put something into his pants pocket.

Me - "Dad, your pants are inside out."
Dad - "Oh, that's why I'm having so much trouble."
He drops his drawers and asks, "will you turn them right side out for me?"
Yep, that's my Dad, not so inhibited. Maybe that's where I get it from. :)

Boob Talk
We played a game at camp with baby bottles. On the last day, someone found one and asked:
? - "Does this bottle belong to Alice?"
D - "No, her's aren't made of plastic."
S, confused look, - "What are they made of?........Oh!" blushes.

Erica - "Funny story. So, because my nipples are brown, K has decided Cam is drinking chocolate milk. She kept asking for chocolate milk. So, we bought some and informed her she only drinks chocolate milk from a cup."

I have a lot of life stress right now. My Mum isn't well and she is now in a nursing home, which she hates. Shortly, I'll be making my third trip to ID within one month. There is a lot to accomplish while I'm there and I have very little time in which to do it. My favorite part of my last visit is captured in this video.

My Uncle Malcolm flew in from England to visit. We kept it a secret, well, mostly. My Dad is HORRIBLE at keeping secrets and he told Mum someone was coming to visit. He told her his sister Anita was going to visit and you can hear that in the video. My favorite part, the one where I get teary-eyed, is when she figures out who he is.

On a side note: I need to tell the world that I am blessed with the greatest friends in the world, and they know I like sugar cookies.

One friend gave me sugar cookies on Sunday. When I thanked her she said, "I know you are carrying a heavy load right now and felt you needed something special for you." Aw..

Another friend, my fashionista friend, stopped by on Monday with sugar cookies. 

Visiting ID is a shocker. I've lived in the big city for so long, I've forgotten what it's like to be "small town" again. Plus, there are fewer cars. On the drive back to SLC I was in triple digits. Oops. I'm glad I didn't get caught this time. The last time I was caught at that speed it was painful.

Pocatello never really got over the 80's and the proof is in the next picture.

And they use it.

Hooray for FRY SAUCE!!
Only out west, my friends.


I made this when I was younger. Apparently, I was grumpy that day.

Yep. O still plays with my old toys.

"What's a 45?"

I went to my first concert when I was 8 or 9. See, I've ALWAYS been a concert lover.
Ronnie James Dio was NOT for kids. 
I did sneak into Quiet Riot for a bit.