Wednesday, May 1, 2013


How many of you know about GMOs, genetically modified organisms? Yesterday my cousin asked me about GMO foods. I responded to him and then I thought I should put this on my blog to make others aware of this issue. 

Were any of you aware of Prop 37 in CA last election cycle? The initiative was to label GMO foods so consumers would know what they were eating. Biotech companies like Monsanto spent millions of dollars in advertising to defeat this proposition. Unfortunately Prop 37 was defeated, but by a pretty slim margin. I think as a result of this effort in CA , half of the states now have initiatives on the ballot this election cycle for the same thing. Several cities in the US have banned GMOs.

I'm really bothered by this "secrecy".  I've signed petitions, written my congressmen and even made a phone call to one.  So, when my friend asked me if I wanted to attend a protest outside of the FDA, I considered it to be the next step for me to make my voice heard. Below are some pictures and a news report from the protest. (S and I are in the first part of the video).

(Funny side note about the protest. My friends husband is a cop and he gave us a ride to and from the FDA. He had a court date and wasn't in uniform, but he was in his cop car. He had to drop us off away from the protest since he's not allowed to be a part of them. I'd been standing on the corner with S and we passed off our signs when we had to leave. As we drove past the group, I leaned out the window of the cop car and yelled in support of the group. There were some confused faces, I wonder if they thought I'd been arrested. T said it would have been funnier if I'd had his handcuffs on with my hands out the window.)

Another thing that really bothers me is the powerful lobby of the biotech companies and the unfortunate influence their money has on our elected officials.  This John Steward clip cracks me up. It is worth watching.

Below are some comments and facts about GMOs, how the world has responded to them, and a video of a research study that was conducted with GMO food. It's a bit scary. 

If you take the time to consider the rise in celiac disease, autism, and other health problems, you'll see it's possible our foods have something to do with it. Some GMOs were introduced in the early 90's. 

I think GMOs should be banned for various reasons, one of them being the negative effect on the biodiversity of the environment. They are just bad news. 

There, you are now a little more informed about this issue. If you agree and want to make a change, contact your congressman, sign petitions, send emails and spread the word.