Friday, July 17, 2009

Today, I hiked.

I hiked to Sunset Peak this morning.
I know, it's called Sunset Peak and you would think going in the evening to see the sunset would be the point. Well, I didn't care, I just wanted to clear my head and breathe some fresh, although dry (I've become accustomed to the humidity in San Antonio and I like it),
but fresh nonetheless.

The first lake and the halfway point of the hike.
(Of course I HAD to take the iPod)

This is my favorite picture from the hike.
Not bad for an amateur photographer.

I was grateful for my hiking boots. There were some points on the
trail where you were required to be part mountain goat.
I am a capricorn, but it doesn't help when hiking.

An unobstructed view from the summit. If you look really
closely you can see Mickey Mouse Rock.

A partial view from the summit.
(Note the lollipop in my mouth. That's my secret for keeping
my mouth moist. It comes in handy in this dry air.)

This was the best I could do at the summit with no one else to
hold the camera. Thank goodness for a timer.
Ahhhh, completion is one of my favorite feelings. Accomplishment is nice, but completion brings much more satisfaction for me. This hike/summit was worth every out of breath step I took (the altitude was killing me, 10,600), every stumble (I'm klutzy) and every swig of warm gatorade (it's a good thing I like it). Would I do it again? Most likely, but there are so many other trails waiting to be explored I'll take my time before I do.

Two are better than one

Rowan and Willow turned 9 this year. I can't believe they are already 9.
Their birthday is around the same time I met Leighton.
We've known each other for 9 years.

Here is a look at their cakes. They each made their own and I think they did a great job. What you can't see is that Willows frog cake was blue on the inside. Pretty clever if you ask me.

Here is the proud creator of the frog cake.
Here is the proud creator of the Transformers cake and the
cake making facilitator, Grandma Claudia.

What's a birthday without Nana?

Happy Birthday Rowan and Willow!

My Brother and his Bike

My brother took me for a ride and since I didn't have a
bike helmet, I wore my rock climbing helmet.
Pretty sheik huh?

He looks pretty tough, huh?

3rd of July!!!!

Fireworks are cool, but jumping teenagers (cousins) are
just as much fun.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

More videos for LT

I confess, I'm not really blogging anymore, I'm just using this site to let LT see videos. I'm sure, in time, I will return to posting stories about life. Until then, here are some more videos honey.

Here O is showing me how she twirls with her "Princess Dress".

And last of all,she is showing me how she can run in her dress. Cher taught her to hold it up.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Goodnight Moon

A lot of people ask me if it is hard to keep in touch with LT since he is SO FAR away. My simple answer is, nope. We get to talk on the phone and when we can, we use Skype so O can "see" her daddy. Several months ago, LT send us a little DVD of himself reading a book for O. She was THRILLED to see him on TV. This video is her reaction, also you may be able to hear him in the background reading "Goodnight Moon".

LT this is for you. My favorite part is her hugging the TV.