Friday, May 29, 2009

More O videos for Daddy

I don't know where she gets her moves, but she ROCKS!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

There is already a hole in my heart

I just hugged and said goodbye to my dearest and closest friend here in TX.
She is moving to NY. 

Many thanks to S & J for all of your love and laughter. You've left an imprint so large, your absence will be noticed for a long time. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Need a job? Need an employee?

I received this email from one of my friends. She was instrumental in improving LTs work experience before he headed off to the Navy. I think she is an amazing person and I want to help her get the word out. 

"Hello friends and family,

I am proud to introduce you to Moving Forward Employment Solutions, Inc.  After nearly 11 years of working for other recruiting firms, I've decided to strike out on my own path. MFES will be offering a few different services:

  1. Contingent Recruiting (think head-hunter for full time placements and also for contract and contract-to-hire positions)
  2. Contract Recruiting (working for client company as a recruiter for their location specifically)
  3. Career Counseling (resume writing; one-on-one support to help individuals determine what path to explore and how to get where they want to go)
  4. Outplacement Services (these services are paid by companies that are laying off employees and want to help off-set the impact with a service to help write resumes, coaching on interview and networking skills)

I appreciate any referrals - do you know of anyone that can benefit from my expertise?  I’ve included my contact information for you to forward along to anyone you know that may be looking for work, or company managers that need help in identifying the right talent.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Jennifer Armitstead

O. 801-216-4043

M. 801-404-1504


Guidance through employment changes..."



Monday, May 25, 2009


I'm going to buy a motorcycle!!!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Change is on the horizon.

Have you ever thought about something for years and never done anything about it? Have you ever felt it would take the right set of circumstances to bring you out of your thoughtful inactivity? Have you ever felt when the timing is right you will go forward?

I have and the time is now!

I'm frightened, cautious and excited. How can those feelings coexist?

Big changes are coming, finally.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Midnight Serenade

I was just about to fall asleep when I heard O in her bedroom. I went into our bathroom to hear what was going on, it shares a wall with her bedroom. I wasn't sure if she was talking in her sleep or if she was frightened. Well, it turns out, she was just singing. There isn't anything to see in this video, but if you turn the volume up, you can hear her singing. 


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SOOOO much better than Sea World

I don't have any scuba and snorkel pictures from my adventures on Tuesday, but I have plenty from my visit to paradise today. I have to say, the best thing I've done for this getaway has been to only schedule one thing to do in the morning and then let the afternoon take me where ever I go. Yesterday I had two great scuba dives and then I just explored Paradise Island and then downtown Nassau.

Today, I went to have my "Dolphin Encounter" on Blue Lagoon Island. When we arrived, there were dolphins swimming around in the bay by the dock. Most of the people stopped, ooohhhed, and ahhhhhed and took tons of pictures. I'm a seasoned Sea World veteran, so it was NO big deal to me. We get to stand around a pool there and feed the dolphins if we want to. The really cool part of the dolphin encounter was the actual encounter. Now, I know Sea World offers some sort of dolphin interaction program, but I can guarantee it is nothing like this. Goombay was our dolphin for the encounter. The first thing we did was pose for a picture of him kissing us on the cheek. We actually danced with him, hugged him, kissed him on the nose, put our hands in his mouth to touch his teeth and tongue, feed him a fish, and we got to pet his back and belly. It was SO COOL!!!  After the experience ended we were free to roam around the beach until the last ferry boat came to take everyone off the island, with the exception of the dolphins and the security guys.  I took full advantage of the opportunity to explore, touch and snorkel. I'm beginning to really understand the meaning of the word "Paradise". 

I have to admit, although this is a long needed break, and I LOVE the adventure of being here all by myself, I find myself missing LT even more. Life experiences are meant to be shared. I wish I could have held his hand while we strolled on the beach, or freaked out together at seeing all of the amazing fish while we snorkeled. Right now I'm sitting on the patio, the lazy breeze is dancing with my hair and I'm listening to the waves lap at the shore. The moon is almost full and it's casting a brilliant light on the water. I want to sleep out here tonight. 


It's so beautiful, I wish LT were here to see it too. 

Well, on with the post. Here are the pictures from today. Enjoy.

The dock
The beach, view from the boat.
Goombay reaching for a fish.
Goombay hugging me. Dolphins are heavy suckers. 
Check out the little kid next to me. He wasn't sure what to make of the entire thing.
Kissie, kissie, little sea urchin 
I swear I've seen this postcard somewhere.
My hammock
Top view from my hammock

Beach view from my hammock

The beach

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cottage Sweet Cottage

Just incase you weren't jealous already, here are some pictures of where I'm staying here in Nassau.
Here is the live band at the airport.

This is the little path that leads from my patio to the beach.

Here is my patio

Here is another view.

And, YES, James Bond is my neighbor.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Night

O and I decided to break out the froggy pool and have a picnic on the porch. The pile of her clothes on the floor was evidence of her enthusiasm.  As soon as I mentioned water, she stripped and grabbed her swimming suit. I'm hoping this is something that will change with age. I can only imagine the trouble she'll get into as a teenager if she strips at the mention of water. 

Thanks Grammy for the froggy pool. 

"You have to take a big breath to blow this up".

O showing me how it's done.

I've finally trained O to smile on command. She does it, most of the time.

Testing the pool before the water goes it.

Enjoying our picnic on the patio

My daredevil daughter

O showing off her skills with a swing.