Thursday, July 12, 2012


I know, it's been too long since I've posted. I need to put up pictures of our house and from Girls Camp, but my computer is having a wee bit of trouble. I woke up one morning and everything in my mail file and photo folder was gone. Yep, just.... gone.  LT wants to rebuild my computer, I just want a new one. I have a feeling, he'll win.

Any who.

Here are 2 O moments that are too good to pass on.

This morning O started telling me a story, it went like this.
"This guy woke up and he was a zombie, but he was sad because he wanted to be a fairy".

Last Saturday O saw the box of Sweet Potato Pancake mix in the garbage and dramatically declared, "OH, this is the worst day ever!!!".  I pointed out we still had another box and she then, emphatically stated, "OH, this is the best day ever!!"

On a different note, we may get two more goats. I'm suppose to pick them up Friday. They are fainting goats. LT laughed out loud when I told him. Oh dear.

My phone died and I bought a new one. I have no idea how to use it, but O has already discovered the camera and video settings. No fair.

This week we went to 6 Flags and O braved the Tower of Doom. She asked to go on it again as soon as we finished the first time. She is so brave and a total daredevil. I love that she is so tall and able to be my ride buddy.

I still can't find a bunch of stuff since we moved.

I'm excited to head to ID soon. Hooray for Sun Valley and hooray for vacation.