Thursday, September 5, 2013

Teasing O

O turned 7!!! We gave her two presents as soon as she got up in the morning.
Here are the videos.

The Joke

The Response

The Real Gift

I'm so glad we've been teasing O since she was very young. When I'm around other children I tease them and they just get confused because they take me seriously. Our teasing isn't malicious or degrading we call that mean teasing. Our teasing is silly and meant to make you laugh. I think any other child would probably break down in tears if this had happened to them. She's used to us. I love how she tries to look excited. What a great sport. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Catching up with O

One day I was away from home and called to talk to LT. O answered and told me he was outside. I called again because he hadn't called me back. When I asked her if dad was still outside she responded, "Si amigo". Hum, that was uncommon.

I was telling LT about something and I said, "It was a nightmare". O then tells me, "Just pinch yourself and wake up if it's a nightmare."

some ping  = something
respectable me = despicable me
pack pack = back pack
man-a-aniacs  = animaniacs

O is in high gear with her super hero fascination. The other day we were getting ready for a play date. She came into my room as I was getting dressed and I had my back to her. She said, "You can't see black people." My eyes bugged out and turned around to respond. She was wearing her black superman shirt and black tights that are 2 sizes too small. Once I took it in I said, "Oh, like a ninja?" 

On our way to the play date, she told me all about being Rope Girl, that's her. She insisted that she wear her glasses to play so no one would recognize her. 

O makes waffles all by herself. LT used to make them for her every saturday, and I got so sick of them. Now she wants them on sundays and I refuse to make them, I'm a mean mom, I know. Anyway, she's been practicing and is getting really good. The other day she asked me to try one. I did, and then I looked into her mixing bowl and saw a HUGE chunk of eggshell. I just grinned knowing she's learning skills that will help her throughout her life. She has also tried her hand with eggs.

On the way home from the farmers market I asked O to hold a small watermelon. I didn't want it to roll around on the floor. She cradled it, started stroking it and singing to it. I asked if the baby was okay and she shushed me because it was sleeping. 

One of the things that has occupied a lot of our time this summer is 6 Flags. We bought season passes and have had a lot of fun taking friends and meeting them there. O is a lover of rides and the water park. I have a lover of an active girl who is tired at night and ready for bed at a decent hour.

Here are some the pictures of our trips there.

Funny lips

O on the kiddie roller coaster. She's pointing to the ascent. 

Getting excited to go for a ride.

Boss of the airplane. She's also awesome driving the cars too. 




Near the end of the summer, LTs command had a picnic. They had a lot of fun things for the kids to do and the one O wanted to do the most was the dunk tank. AND, she dunked this guy. The smile on her face was awesome. I love it when she succeeds at things.

One unfun thing we had to deal with this August was an ugly cyst on her arm. We went to the dermatologist for another reason, but once we were there I had him look at this bump she's had on her arm for years. I thought it was a wart, but when he checked it, which was gross, it turned out to be a cyst. WELL, that opened it up and aggravated it. The next day I showed LT the gross stuff inside. Unfortunately, she ended up getting an infection and it came on fast. It was an angry infection too. It was swollen and hard and HOT. When we went back for antibiotics they swabbed it to see what kind of infection she was dealing with. At our follow up appointment, I asked the intake nurse what the lab results were and she hesitated and said the doctor would tell me. SO, when the doctor came in she asked if O had been at any swimming pools or around stagnant water. (Um, yes, we go swimming 2 or 3 times a week) She then proceeded to tell me she's never heard of the bacteria so she had to look it up. It was one that is found in poop. WHAT?!?!!? Gross.  I'm relieved the infection is gone and now we are waiting for it to heal before we have it removed.

Once a year, the Orioles have a mormon night. I went with O and some friends. 

We didn't really like our seats or the view, or the crowed feeling, so we went to another spot.
This one was much better. We were at the top of the stadium, there was a breeze, you could see the city and we weren't crowded at all. 

One day, O was checking out my converse and she asked for a pair. I told she'd had a pair when she was younger, but that wasn't good enough. So, I told her once she could tie her shoes, I would buy her a pair. So, she sat down and worked on tying her and my shoes. She's done it a couple of times since. 

O wanted to  make face paint for FHE one night. This was only the beginning. By the end of the evening, LTs face was entirely blue. 

O had her first dance recital. It was a nightmare getting her to dance a few months before the recital. In retrospect, I think she didn't like her teacher. Her teacher is used to teaching older girls and wasn't really that engaging with Os class. Anyway, here she is backstage playing with the other sugar plum fairies.

O and L after the show. Ya, O towers over all of her friends.

I can't believe she is going to be 7 in a few short days. She's in 1st grade and loves math. LT is reading Harry Potter with her at night. She loves super heros and My Little Pony. She is an off the chart extrovert and at times, wears us out. Okay, who am I kidding, on days she doesn't have a play date, she completely wears us out. She is the sweetest of sweet girl with a huge heart. She loves to help younger kids, in her mind, she's all ready to be a babysitter. She's smart, sometimes a bit too much for us. When we give her excuses of why we don't want her to do something or why we can't do something, she has a creative way to solve the problem/over come the obstacle. We trained her well with being teased and she can tease back.