Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Monthly update

Aunt Tab called and O was getting ready for the shower. It didn't matter that she was naked, except for her shower cap, she really wanted to talk to her aunt. The funniest part of the phone call was O dancing naked in front of the mirror the entire time they talked. It's a good thing it wasn't a skype conversation.

O had a visit with an orthopedic doctor to assess her walking issues. One of the things he told her was to sit criss cross applesauce instead of in a W. When I asked her how the appointment went, LT had taken her, she said she can't sit in a W because it makes her "sexible", instead of flexible.

O loves her lipstick! Her Nana sent her money for Valentines day. O insisted I purchase a gift card at Target. She didn't want to pay with the cash when we shopped, she wanted to use a gift card. Anyway, we went shopping and the My Little Pony she wanted wasn't in stock. I told her we could go to another Target to see if they had it, but she was determined to buy something. So, she ended up with a really nice, bright red tube of lipstick. I kid you not, it was RED. She slips things into her backpack all of the time and that just happened to end up in there. The other week I was at school to talk with her teacher and she told me one day, in the middle of class, she looked up at O and she had BRIGHT RED lips. 

On the way home from school one day O said, "Can I bring my chapstick to school? My lips hurt real bad." Of course I giggled to myself and thought of Napoleon Dynamite.

O has a love/hate relationship with her dance class. She always begs to skip it, but once we get her to class, she loves it and has a good time. In fact one morning the first thing she said when she woke up was, "I don't want to go to dance today". I told her, "Okay, you don't have to go today, class is tomorrow." 

I don't know why she doesn't want to go, but we tell her we've made a commitment and we need to finish the class.  One morning we asked her why she didn't like to go and she told us, "I already know how to dance and I want to do my own thing." OF COURSE!! O loves to do her own thing.

We are still working with O to eat her vegetables. I make brussel sprouts a lot because I love them. We told O vegetarian zombies eat them because they are vegetable brains. We thought it was funny, but she didn't.

O likes to "cook". Saturday, she mixed water, flour, dried kale and dish soap in a bowl and poured it from one container to another. Unfortunately it didn't stay in the containers and ended up all over the kitchen, dining room, TV room and the TV.

The goats have figured out how to get over the electric fence. At least they don't wander to the street, however, they do like to jump onto my car. O likes to head butt them and they like it too. Goats are the BEST pets, I swear. Considering I vowed to never have pets, it's kind of a big deal that I say that.

O has truly discovered the joy of the telephone. She got a phone call from one of her school friends and now she wants to call everyone.

O and her daddy like to do "science". We got her a science kit for her this Christmas. Here is a picture of her using her mad science skills.

Here is an easter decoration that makes me laugh. Not only does it scream the 90's but it looks like it's pooping Easter eggs. 

I received an unexpected compliment last month. One of my former YW from Odenton said I was one of the leaders that was influential in her choice to serve a mission. Cool, I had no idea. That made me feel good and let me know I was doing something right.

I love it when people let me help them. One of my friends has two young children, a 2 year old and 6 a week old. Her husband is deploying for 6 months starting this Saturday. Ages ago I offered to help while he was away. I know how challenging deployments are, I've been there. So, I will have her 2 year old once or twice a week, depending on the week. I am so excited!

Serving in primary continues to be a source of entertainment for me. The off the wall comments make up for the frustration of being "understaffed".

I am the Stake Youth Camp Leader (YCL) Leader this year and I can't wait to go to camp. We have about 20 YCL's that I get to work with, and some of them were girls I worked with last year. I love girls camp and I am good at being a leader there too. I know some people just dread it and others love it. It played an important role in my turbulent youth. I always felt loved and capable there. Then I served two years at Oakcrest and I still consider it my mission. I was called and set apart and it was truly one of those amazing spiritual experiences that shaped my testimony and made it solid. I thought I had a testimony before I served there but I discovered so much more. I think that is one of the reasons I love girls camp so much. It was a strength to me when I needed it. That is also one of the reasons why I continue to love going. I want other girls to have the uplifting experiences that will remind them they are important and capable. 

I finished the last book of the Wheel of Time series. WOW! Lots of characters died, but wow, it was a great ending for a series that has been going on for 20 years. I liked how it ended and was satisfied how it resolved in the end. LT is working on it right now. There is a 200 page chapter on war and strategy stuff, it is right up his alley. 

Right now I'm reading The Host in preparation for the movie later this month. 

LT started at his new command last Friday. He will have a longer commute so we won't see him as much, but we are happy we get to stay in this area for at least another 3 years. We hope to stay here for much longer. We love it here and we both LOVE our house.

He also received a stellar evaluation from his commanding officer. He was in the category of "must promote".Yay, way to go LT!

Now that things are warming up, we are starting to clear the dead wood. LT is happy as can be with his chainsaw.

Spring will shortly be upon us and we can't wait. I promise to post more pictures and stories again soon.