Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy November

This statement doesn't have anything to do with the rest of this post, but I'm so excited about it, I wanted to share it first.

I'm going skydiving this Friday. 

Okay, now I can move on.

I have a lot of stray quotes and conversations I want to share. Carry on and enjoy, if you'd like. (Oh, and I didn't proofread, again.)

O has been obsessed with Harry Potter for quite some time now. For her birthday, she received a Hermonie Granger wand. She loves it. Unfortunately, she misplaced it the week of Halloween, but, fortunately, her aunt had made some wands for a Harry Potter themed birthday party. These pictures are from a trip LT took with her to a Harry Potter Festival on the Eastern Shore. 

Watch out for the Whomping Willow

On the way to Hogwarts.

On Halloween's Eve, Monarch Academy had a reading night and students were invited to dress up as their favorite literary character. 

Hermoine found Harry

O Speaks
O - "DAAAAAAD, I HATE bacon!!"
L - "Who hates bacon? Where did you come from?"
O - "The hate bacon planet."

O and A playing with the prince and princess.

O - "I love you!"
A - "I love you more!"
O - "But, you're married to Belle."
A - "But, I love you more."

O - "Hey Mom, I actually like your outfit. You look like you actually have a job."


"Sometimes, when I want to shake up things in my life, I try to come to a full stop at stop signs." Genny Busch.

Boob Talk
After a girls night.
LT - "What did you guys talk about?" 
M - "Everything."
LT - "Did you talk about boobs?"
M - "No, we didn't talk about boobs."
LT - "Well, that's not everything."

This note could have been written for me.

M - "I love my boobs, they're perfect, and your boobs will be too. If they're not, we'll just cut them off and they'll grow back."
O - "Mom, boobs aren't like teeth."

M - "I know someone who's pregnant."
O - "Who?"
LT - "It's me."
O - "Daaaaad! I know it's not you Mom, you'd freak out."
LT - "Me too."
M - "That's right, I'd yell, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" I turned to LT and said,"I told you to get snipped, it's your fault."
O - confused comments and then, "It's a good thing you guys don't do the special hug!"
M - "Yep, that's right, You only do it to have children."
My poor kid is going to be so messed up.

The 5th grade TA quit and now I am the 5th grade TA. The teachers I work with are nice. It's an adjustment being with the older kids. I do like the sweetness of the Kindergarteners and 1st graders. The older kids are....different. 

One nice thing about being a full time TA is, I don't have to do any more one-on-ones. I called them my "near death experiences."  I hated them. UGH!!!! They where horrible. One of the last ones I had was with two boys in the 8th grade. I was grossed out by so many, many things and by the end of the day, I was crawling out of my skin. I had to keep putting my head in my hands to deal with it. The last class threw me over the edge. One guy, not one of my guys, popped a pimple in the middle of class. It was an obvious, two-handed effort. I gagged. GROSS!!! 

Instead of dealing with one-on-ons, I get to have interactions like this. Some students were being really chatty and rude during a math class, so I announced, "I had a lot of garlic in my dinner last night. If you don't listen, I'll come over and breathe on you." Later, in the same class, one of the students asked me if I'd ever been to ...... I told him no and he said, "they have a great garlic sauce."

On the Nightstand
The Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins
This is the same author who wrote The Hunger Games and I wanted to see what else she wrote. I'm on the 5th book and I started about a month ago. It's fun young adult fiction. If O chooses to read it in the future, I won't have any concerns. 

Yardsticks, Children in the classroom ages 4-14 by Chip Wood
I had some questions about how to interact with and have appropriate expectations for 5th graders, so one of the Staff Instructors, I don't remember what they are called at MA, chatted with me for a bit and suggested I look through this book. So far, I've found it pretty interesting.

The Price We Paid, by Andrew D. Olsen
This book is in the queue, but I'm not sure how long it will take me to get to it. My neighbor wrote it. Well, I know his little brother more than I know him, but still, there's a neighbor connection. 

Well, That's Just Embarrassing 
I was talking with Judy Davis, a spunky a spry friend of mine and she said, "I'm 73 years old."
My shocked response was, "No way, my Mum died when she was 73!"
Judy - "Gee, thanks a lot."
M - "Oops, sorry."

Q & A with O

What was your favorite part of Halloween?
Dressing as Hermoine Granger

Who is your latest crush?
Uhhhhhhh, no one!

Who is your BFF?

What do you like about 2nd grade?
That we get to learn about times.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
Eh, being a wizard... I mean a witch. I would learn like Hermoine did and go in her footsteps.

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