Sunday, January 25, 2015

O-isms and conversations

O told me she made up a new world for Cinderella's sister. It is called Candyworld and her sister's name is LiquorElla. HA HA HA..
Me - "Do you know what liquor is?"
O - "Yes, it's short for licorice."

We were in the car and I asked O if she had her library book, we needed to return it. We heard from the backseat,
LT and I looked at each other and then laughed loudly and O was confused.
O - "What?"
LT - "Do you know that's a curse word?"
O - "No, Mom says it all the time."
Me, shrinking, "Oops."

O said, "What the hell," once again, oops.

I noticed a gray hair on O's head. When I told her she said, "I must have been stressed."

O is officially bilingual. She is fluent in her language, trean, /Tree-an/. She frequently babbles and then tells us what it means. Ask her about it the next time you see her. :)

One day I let O know I was going to be grumpy for the few days because I was going to start my period soon. I let her know if I got upset it was because I had PMS. Well, a few days later, LT and I were having an intense conversation and O piped up, "Dad, it's okay, she's going to start her period."

At school, her class has been learning ALL about businesses and she has been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. She's created her own business called, The Pet. She offers grooming services and pet sitting. She's made adverts and has hit up lots of people. So far, we have one customer who is going to have her 2 dogs groomed. O is trying to get some of the teachers at school to take her up on it. I just love seeing her explore and move forward with her ideas.

O has started earning money and she is learning it's value and how to manage it. One day this week she shoveled our driveway without being asked and was surprised and delighted to be paid for it. Naturally, she wants to spend her money, so we've been to 3 stores looking for the My Little Pony toy she dreams of. Since we didn't find it at the stores I told her she could buy it on eBay. She won an auction and went BONKERS. It was one of the funniest moments. She said she couldn't sleep because she won.

I rediscovered some videos and this one is from a Christmas Eve. We record and talk about the year. I laughed and laughed so hard at this.....
O has a problem.

On the Nightstand
Year of No Sugar,  Eve O. Schaub
Even though the title itself is enough to cause me nightmares, I am really enjoying this one. I'm halfway through and I can confirm, the author has a great sense of humor, which helps when you're talking about decreasing and eliminating added sugar from you life, and a decent writer. I know I'm a sugar addict, and it's sad. However, I am making big changes with what I purchase and what I eat. What I really want are recipes.

The Price We Paid, Andrew D. Olsen
This is about the Willie and Martin handcart pioneer companies. I didn't know they were two different companies, I thought they were only one. Anyway, as I read the stories and journal entries of the people who walked across this nation, I keep wondering, WHY did they do that? Would I really commit to something that sounded so grueling? It sounded miserable, and yet, members of the company write of how blessed they are. It's a good read.

The fiend and the Forge, Henry H. Neff
This is the third book in the Tapestry series. I like that I can't predict everything in the story. It will be fun to see where the mysteries lead.

I still like it. The kids are fun, and challenging and fun. The teachers are good people and I love that I get to spend time with them. There may be changes in the future at Monarch there is a possibility my position as a Grade Level Teaching Assistant may be eliminated. I'm torn about the possibility. I really like working where I'm at AND it couldn't be more convenient, but the purpose for the shift is a good one.

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