Sunday, February 8, 2015

Just a bit

Go Navy!
This week I made it to another Navy Women's Basketball game. They have a really young team this year as a lot of their star players graduated last year. It's been fun to watch them go through the ranks. They have a lot of promising Freshmen and Sophomores. What is most fun for me is now O is old enough to understand a lot more of what is going on and she really gets into the games. I complained about the referee missing an obvious foul. O asked me what she missed and I showed her. SO, for the rest of the game she would say, "Oh my gosh, LOOK AT THAT! They missed that foul." I just love that kid. She is a mini-me in so many ways.

My little group has been active for nearly 2 years and I still love being a part of it. Our last meeting was great. I always feel so uplifted and encouraged. We've been around long enough that we have some regulars and some history. For example, our first December, a young person came to the group. They were in a really, really bad space. They had to come home from college for treatment and, they were just struggling, period. I didn't see that person again and I was really, really concerned about them and wondered how they were doing. Well, they showed up recently, at a meeting. It was AWESOME to see how they were doing and how much had changed and how they were being healthy. It makes all of the times I don't want to go, but do go because I'm the ONLY one in charge, worth it.

O Speaks
I was debating wether or not to leave O alone at home while I ran a quick errand. (It's legal now.)
O - "If you want, I can have a frying pan right next to me. I could go WHACK." long pause, "I have rope."

O, while praying,  - "Please bless Dad in whatever the hell he does."

M - "Hey, did you hear me?"
O - "Yes."
M - "Really? Because you're not acting like it."
O - "I'm not death."
M - "Wait, say that again?"
O - "Death."
I laughed too much at that to call her for being sassy and disrespectful.

Walking out of school, O - "Mom, I have cramps."
M - "Oh no! I'm so sorry. Do you need to use the bathroom, are they the "need to poo" cramps?"
O - "No, they're cramps", she holds her stomach and bends over a little bit, "You know, girl cramps."

Quotes from 5th graders
"There is a magical thing that makes math class obsolete, it's called a calculator."

"Did you know that dog's ears go all the way to their brain? My brother is a Boy Scout, so he knows."

Casey's Mom right after Casey gave birth to her daughter."You just gave birth to your best friend."

On the Nightstand
All of the same books from my last post are still on my nightstand. I haven't been reading as much as I would like because I'm catching up on my TV shows. I'm finally caught up on Bones and Agent Carter.

Things are a movin' and a shakin' around here. We had boundary changes last week and during the meeting two of my friends were texting me about all of the changes. I will be changing buildings to meet with another congregation. One of them said, "The church is still true right?" I told them I was going inactive. :)

I'm most sad about leaving the building with all of the friends I've known since I moved here. We're friends regardless, but it's different when you don't attend the same worship service.

Today was our first meeting in our new ward and all went well. We had a buffet after the service so we could mingle and get to know each other. There were a ton of familiar faces and people I'd worked with in the stake, so that made it nice. I'm curious to see how O assimilates herself.

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